Web-Based PT Software: Advantages For Any Size Physical Therapy Practice

The right physical therapy software can bring the management and organization of your PT practice to the next level, giving you valuable tools for everything from EMR to patient billing. You may opt for a stand-alone program that focuses on records, like electronic documentation therapy software, or something more comprehensive that includes invoicing, patient instructions and a variety of other services, but nothing beats the flexibility of a web-based PTprogram. When you’re able to manage your physical therapy clinic via a remote server, you gain several advantages other systems simply don’t have, including:


While many physical therapy managementprograms tout their adaptability to small, medium and large facilities, most have their limits. They can either handle only so many patients or professionals, or they can’t scale up for multiple locations. If your business is growing, this can be quite limiting. With a web-based solution, however, you can have an infinite number of employees as well as an infinite number of locations, all with fully-customizable access to EMRs, invoice management and treatment protocols.

Integrated Solutions With Web-Based PT Software

Do you want users to be able to tie EMRs to invoices, or therapists’ schedules to different locations? It’s easy with an integrated approach through web-based PT software that works not only for your prime location, but any additional offices or clinics. An off-site solution will also tie up less of your own computers’ capacity, since data is securely stored elsewhere but always readily available.

Remote Servers

One of the most expensive investments you’ll need to make when opting for electronic documentation therapy software or an electronic billing system is servers. As your business grows, so will your server needs. You may need to upgrade to larger, dedicated servers and put an IT plan in place, including at least one IT specialist who would be in charge of networking your computers, maintaining the servers and making sure all crucial documents are backed up on a daily basis.

Or you could invest in web-based PT software and eliminate the need for your own IT department. After all, wouldn’t you rather focus on running your clinic and helping your patients recover? A web solution includes reliable, secure servers dedicated to your needs, but monitored and maintained by an off-site IT specialist. In most cases, back-ups of your information and patient records will be backed up at least daily, eliminating any worry about losing information if your computer or computers crash. You’ll never even have to worry if your clinic location experiences a break-in or theft: all information on our servers will be instantly recoverable for quick download.

Focus On Physical Therapy

The unique nature of a PT practice means that your physical therapy management program has to process an incredible amount of information across several platforms, including invoices, office management, patient management and instructions, employee management and health insurance claims and documentation. When you are looking for a the right solution, web-based PT software can carry the load and back it up without your company having to continually upgrade servers and add to your IT department, saving you money as you grow and expand.

To find the right solution for your clinic, explore various physical therapy software solutions, comparing their features and benefits. Most will offer a free, online demo so that you can compare them with your current program and those offered by other physical therapy management manufacturers. You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that nothing else compares to a customizable, web-based PT software solution.

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